I am starting this book blog as a creative outlet for my love of books! I have always been a reader. As a young girl, I would come home from school, grab a book, and go lay in the hammock under the oak trees and read until dinner.

I am a North Carolina native, Registered Nurse, and mother of two boys. I have never blogged before, and honestly have no idea what I am doing. I find myself always wanting to talk about the books I am reading, or have read but my family and friends don’t exactly share my enthusiasm (lol). So I figured what better way to share this information than blogging and meeting people with the same interests. I love finding books that are written by other North Carolinians, or are set in North Carolina. I find it fun to put myself into these stories when I can actually picture the setting because I’ve seen it before! I love the mountains of North Carolina, and would eventually love to make that my home.

Thanks for visiting my site, stay tuned for updates and interesting bookish things!

Happy Reading Y’all! #yallneedbooks

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