Today I started really thinking about my reading habits, and my decision to start sharing more with others; what I’m reading, why I love reading, and using this as a creative outlet. I’ve always felt this pull inside me to “create” things. Whether it be drawing, writing, physically creating crafty type things, photography (albeit I may not actually be good at any of these things), I still feel this need to release my creativity in some form. Recently, this has occurred in sharing photos, reviews, and information about books I read. Usually, when I pick up a new “hobby”, I never really feel all that connected or invested in it. Reading is something I have always loved, an escape and its own creative release just by sitting down and opening a book. After starting my Instagram account (@boymombookchronicles_), I have realized how much I missed reading over the last few years. Life has been busy with marriage, having children, a career, and raising that family. Now that my children are getting more independent, I am able to carve out some time to read, and share my love for reading!

I am excited to read more and share more. And learn more from other fellow readers, bloggers, and bookstagramers!

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