First Frost By: Sarah Addison Allen

This was the first book I have read by Sarah Addison Allen, and as soon as it was over I ran out to buy more of her books! I love finding North Carolina authors, while she does not currently reside in NC, she is from one of my absolute favorite places…Asheville! Her life story is also pretty interesting, if you are into reading more about the authors you read her story is pretty inspirational.

I’ve always been a sucker for the “magical” type stories, this book is the perfect balance of magic and realism. It doesn’t even come close to anything “sci-fi” (which I am really not a fan of), so this was a plus for me as some books that throw in elements of the unnatural, seem too fake for me. Her use of words draws you in from the very beginning, as the reader I could easily put myself in the settings described. At one point, when reading a scene that vividly describes someone in a kitchen cooking up candies and concoctions, I swear I could smell them! People near me also likely heard my stomach growling (lol), she describes some pretty delectable treats! A bonus, she throws in a few recipes at the end of the book that were used in the story! I think this is super cool, and I will be making these.

FYI: this is a total “fall read”,  and I am what one would call a “seasonal” reader…I really like the stories to match the seasons. The fact that this is one fabulous fall read, ( and fall is my absolute FAVORITE) I was sad that I chose the wrong time to read it. Totally my fault. 😦 If you have not read this yet, save it until the fall! Then curl up with your latte and cozy blanket by the fire, you are in for a treat!


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