Lights All Night Long By Lydia Fitzpatrick #bookreview #yallneedbooks @lydia_fitzpatrick_david @ PenguinPress

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Press for my early reader ebook copy of Lights All Night Long By Lydia Fitzpatrick!

This was totally out of box as far as what I normally read. I do love a good mystery, but not so much the thriller side of those. This book is also set in a different country  for parts, with a lot of references to Russian language and culture so I learned a bit, but it also made it harder for me to grasp.

While the plot was interesting, the characters and sequencing were hard to follow. There was a lot going on at once. The overall story was definitely a good thriller and left me guessing. I did have a hard time connecting myself to it all, the characters and the neighborhood felt a bit far fetched with their elaborate backgrounds and life stories.
Three stars from me. I really enjoyed Amber Crowies use of twists and descriptive nature of writing. I just had a hard time following story lines and deciphering.

I would love to continue to read more of Fitzpatrick’s works!

All opinions are my own.

**Trigger Warning: References drugs and sexual content.

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