Readers Rut

Have you ever found yourself in a “readers rut?” You just can’t seem to get into any book you start, each one kind of seems like one you have already read, nothing “feels right?”

That’s exactly where I am right now!!!

The past few months I have been reading…a lot. And now I’m suddenly in this rut where every book I start I just want to stick it back on the shelf for later. This is discouraging me. Any tips and tricks for this “reader rut” is greatly appreciated. Here’s what I have in mind to get out of this rut:

  1. Take a break. A small break from reading, to clear my head.
  2. Start a new book in a genre that’s completely out of the box for me.
  3. Write! Sometimes writing more makes me want to read more…no explanation for this y’all.
  4. Get outside! Spending time outside is so refreshing, and I am hoping that it can breath some life into my mind and lead me into some good reads.

That’s all for now, again, any comments on how you’ve gotten out of this rut (should you have ever found yourself here), is greatly welcomed!

2 thoughts on “Readers Rut”

  1. I definitely agree with your suggestions! I’m biggest on stopping the reading and then writing. Sometimes I’ll finish books and not have time to blog, and after a few sit unreviewed, I just can’t focus on reading anymore, and I do what I call a brain dump, where I just sit and review and write everything I can until I have nothing back logged. Once I do that, I feel so refreshed and motivated to read again!

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