The Two Lila Bennetts BY: Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

Its publication day for this Title! Yay!! Congrats Lisa and Liz on the release of this time sucking (in a good way, like I sat around reading it when I had so many other things to do lol)!!!

Lila is a high profile criminal defense lawyer, who helps the “bad guys” go free (I guess we really don’t know if they are actually bad or not?). She’s had her fair share of life tribulations and has done some not so worthy things herself. After winning a big case, she suddenly finds herself in trouble. The story splits here into alternating time frames. In one she’s being held captive and fighting for her life. In another, she is free but being chased. She has to face her demons and come to terms with some pretty shitty stuff. Will this break her? Will she come out alive?

I rated this 4.5 Stars!

I loved the alternating time switching between the chapters. I found this kept me wanting to read as much as I could at once to figure out what was going to happen. I came up with all these different scenarios for who was doing this to Lila and why, but then something would happen that would me change my though process. It was well written and exciting. At times I felt bad for Lila, and other times I thought she was a crappy person and maybe deserved to be punished for her wrong doings (some of them were really bad y’all)! But in the end, everyone makes mistakes…

A special thank you to @netgalley @lakeunionauthors and @lisaandliz for this free copy in exchange for my honest review.

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