The Turn of The Key By: Ruth Ware

I am a big Ruth Ware fan! I think In a Dark, Dark Wood is my personal favorite, and I know everyone raves about Woman In Cabin Ten (which I also enjoyed). So, when I found out she had a new book coming out…I had to have it! I won this on Instagram (so excited) and it will be released August 6, 2019.

I read it in a matter of two days. It was a fast read with plenty of twists, turns, and action. The premise is that Rowan Caine comes across an ad in the paper for a “to good to be true” live in nanny job. She decides to go for it and gets the job. The twist, its in a smart house with a less than normal family, who has gone through four nannies in the past year. Seems odd, right?

The house itself is creepy, then the stories behind it start to surface and stuff gets real strange y ‘all. It was a bit of a slow build, and a less than climatic ending. But overall, it creeped me out and had me checking all the locks on my doors at night! I’d say it was sufficient in the chiller sense for sure! I still love Ruth Wares descriptive and enthralling writing!


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