Wild At Heart


If you loved The Simple Wild (the prequel to this one), you will enjoy this extension of Calla and Jonah’s story. I love the characters and the setting. K. A. Tucker is a master setting weaver. She makes you feel like you are wrapped up in the Alaskan culture and life. The whole time I was reading I wanted to be curled up by a roaring, crackling fire with a cozy blanket and hot chocolate (or coffee if that’s more your thing ;)! This book picks up right where The Simple Wild left off, which I appreciated because I was left wanting more after that one! But-because I read that one a while ago I did have to go back and refresh my memory some on it before continuing on with Wild at Heart.
I love that their are challenges in the main characters love story and its not always perfect. It makes it way more relatable for me which is good for romance genres. Its a lovely book!
Thank you K.A. Tucker, NetGalley, and Social Butterfly PR, LLC for the e-ARC copy!

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