The Guest List – Lucy Foley

The Guest List is a who done it murder mystery. It is set on a mysterious island with a sinister back story. The characters are elite and cunning. I felt like I was sipping champagne right along with them through this one (okay…maybe I was-shhhhh).

Jules and Wills high profile wedding is an event to remember. The Guest List is am intriguing mix of new and old friends who gather together for the event. All along the way weird things keep occurring. In the end someone is murdered during the reception-but WHO DID IT???The guest list

Overall I really enjoyed this one. I had favorite characters, ones I hated, ones I wanted to know more about. There was a whole mix in there. I wasn’t able to figure out the mystery until the end (which is a good thing). Things kept changing and I kept thinking I was linking certain things together for it only to fall apart later. I was truly surprised by the turn of events!

If you like easy to read, engross you in the setting, a bit creepy, a bit lavish mysteries…This ones for you!

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