Daisy Jones & The Six By: Taylor Jenkins Reid

So, I must start by saying I have had this book for a while. I read it the first time a while ago also, but I couldn’t exactly put into words how I felt about it the first time I read it. Then, over the past few days, I read it again! I bought this book at a local library book sale. I was surprised to find it there actually, and the fact that it was in large print was perfectly fine! (LOL) I knew there was a lot of hype about this one, I’d seen it every where. I bought it solely for that reason…the synopsis didn’t exactly resonate with me.

As I started reading the first time around, I knew it was going to be tough for me to finish. The writing style was just so unique, with it being in all dialogue (interview) form. I just was not into it. I couldn’t grasp the story due to the fast paced switching back and forth from different characters. I kept on and finally managed to reach the end…I did love the story and the concept, but I still had a hard time loving the style of how it was written. For that reason, I hesitated to write my review.

After a few weeks, I decided to pick it back up. I am so glad I did!! After thinking on it a while (and admittedly googling the band to ensure it wasn’t real – like everyone else) I had processed the whole thing and had some unanswered questions floating around in my brain. The second time around, I didn’t focus so much on who was saying what and just read…just read the story and imagined myself as Daisy. I found it much easier to play out the scenes in my head, like a movie.

There are so many powerful messages of strong women, women who know what they want in life and won’t back down to get it. After re-reading I felt…empowered! The messages about addiction and love are also very powerful. If you’ve never dealt with addiction or an addict before, be prepared to get angry at this book. You may wonder how someone can love someone who hurts them so, which in itself can be seen as an addiction. It puts light to the powerful cycle of this triangle.

Overall this was a four star read for me! Solely due to the fact that I had a hard time following the fast paced writing. But the style is so unique I couldn’t help but give mad props to Taylor Jenkins Reid for her brilliant mind set that it would have taken to write a story like this.

Give into the hype! Read this and enjoy a fresh, new take on fictional story telling!!!

Something In The Water By: Catherine Steadman

Something In the Water


Erin is a documentary filmmaker on the brink of a professional breakthrough, Mark a handsome investment banker with big plans. Passionately in love, they embark on a dream honeymoon to a tropical island, where they enjoy the sun, the sand, and each other. Then while scuba diving, they find something in the water….

Review and Thoughts:

I have to admit, this one was a bit of a let down for me. Sadly.

The first chapter really captured my attention, had me wondering what was next. After that, I found the characters lacked development, the plot started to lose its threads, and the twist became less and less of a twist. I really wanted to like this one more.

One major flaw for me was the lack of character/relationship development. Mark and Erin are supposedly “madly in love”. Yet I never really felt that. Which in the end, once you understand what Mark has done, its actually not that surprising at all. I would have liked more detail on their relationship, which would have made me feel a lot more for them once the twist is revealed.

I will say I did enjoy the descriptive writing, and the “what ifs” of this book. You could make several conclusions based on the events that take place. Some people find this annoying when reading a book, I find it intriguing!

Lights All Night Long By Lydia Fitzpatrick #bookreview #yallneedbooks @lydia_fitzpatrick_david @ PenguinPress

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Press for my early reader ebook copy of Lights All Night Long By Lydia Fitzpatrick!

This was totally out of box as far as what I normally read. I do love a good mystery, but not so much the thriller side of those. This book is also set in a different country  for parts, with a lot of references to Russian language and culture so I learned a bit, but it also made it harder for me to grasp.

While the plot was interesting, the characters and sequencing were hard to follow. There was a lot going on at once. The overall story was definitely a good thriller and left me guessing. I did have a hard time connecting myself to it all, the characters and the neighborhood felt a bit far fetched with their elaborate backgrounds and life stories.
Three stars from me. I really enjoyed Amber Crowies use of twists and descriptive nature of writing. I just had a hard time following story lines and deciphering.

I would love to continue to read more of Fitzpatrick’s works!

All opinions are my own.

**Trigger Warning: References drugs and sexual content.

Review~ Ghosted , Rosie Walsh


This was one of my top to be read books for 2019 and it did not disappoint. I loved the buildup to the intense plot twist. It may have been one of my favorite ever! Steadman does a fabulous and admirable job of creating characters that are likable and relatable. I never once had the feeling of not being able to connect to the characters here. The love story amidst the suspense was something fresh and new that I really enjoyed.

The plot twist. Oh man the twist!! I can’t say much about this without giving it away. Just know that it will truly be a twist and you may even find yourself rereading that part, just to convince yourself of what you have just read. I did! It was certainly worth staying up half the night to get to that point! (or maybe to just go ahead and read the entire book in less that 2 days) ! 😉  Even with two toddlers in tow, I read this one in record time for me.

Had to pull out the highlighter for this one…so many memorable quotes and pieces of writing that pulled at my heart-strings. Well done Walsh, well done.

First Frost By: Sarah Addison Allen

This was the first book I have read by Sarah Addison Allen, and as soon as it was over I ran out to buy more of her books! I love finding North Carolina authors, while she does not currently reside in NC, she is from one of my absolute favorite places…Asheville! Her life story is also pretty interesting, if you are into reading more about the authors you read her story is pretty inspirational.

I’ve always been a sucker for the “magical” type stories, this book is the perfect balance of magic and realism. It doesn’t even come close to anything “sci-fi” (which I am really not a fan of), so this was a plus for me as some books that throw in elements of the unnatural, seem too fake for me. Her use of words draws you in from the very beginning, as the reader I could easily put myself in the settings described. At one point, when reading a scene that vividly describes someone in a kitchen cooking up candies and concoctions, I swear I could smell them! People near me also likely heard my stomach growling (lol), she describes some pretty delectable treats! A bonus, she throws in a few recipes at the end of the book that were used in the story! I think this is super cool, and I will be making these.

FYI: this is a total “fall read”,  and I am what one would call a “seasonal” reader…I really like the stories to match the seasons. The fact that this is one fabulous fall read, ( and fall is my absolute FAVORITE) I was sad that I chose the wrong time to read it. Totally my fault. 😦 If you have not read this yet, save it until the fall! Then curl up with your latte and cozy blanket by the fire, you are in for a treat!


April To Be Read List

I love April! I get excited about warmer weather, sitting on my porch watching fireflies twinkle at dusk, and walking barefoot in the grass. My kids will play outside until literally the last ray of light is forced below the horizon if I let them. I love it because I can sit on the porch swing and read!

Therefore, here’s my April to be read list. I have four books I’d love to read this month. Four for me, after having children is really ambitious and I am excited for a little challenge.

First: Ghosted By. Rosie Walsh

Technically, I started this in March…but I am still reading it (almost done), so I am considering it an April read. So far I LOVE IT! I love the unknown, the suspense, all tied into a love story. The best genres all in one!

Second: Something in the Water By: Catherine Steadman

I am truly excited to start this one. I’ve heard so much about it already from fellow book lovers. It will definitely be a wine in the bathtub read for me! For some reason, books that seem really creepy I feel the need to read them there! (LOL) Just the synopsis already has my mind going about what could be happening here.

Third and Fourth: Miracle Creek By: Angie Kim and Normal People By: Sally Rooney

I actually don’t know much about either of these books yet. I decided to subscribe to Book of The Month per a recommendation from a friend. We are going to try our first “buddy read” with these. Can’t wait to see how that turns out!

Happy April reading friends!

April showers…leave lots of time for books! 😉 #yallneedbooks


Today I started really thinking about my reading habits, and my decision to start sharing more with others; what I’m reading, why I love reading, and using this as a creative outlet. I’ve always felt this pull inside me to “create” things. Whether it be drawing, writing, physically creating crafty type things, photography (albeit I may not actually be good at any of these things), I still feel this need to release my creativity in some form. Recently, this has occurred in sharing photos, reviews, and information about books I read. Usually, when I pick up a new “hobby”, I never really feel all that connected or invested in it. Reading is something I have always loved, an escape and its own creative release just by sitting down and opening a book. After starting my Instagram account (@boymombookchronicles_), I have realized how much I missed reading over the last few years. Life has been busy with marriage, having children, a career, and raising that family. Now that my children are getting more independent, I am able to carve out some time to read, and share my love for reading!

I am excited to read more and share more. And learn more from other fellow readers, bloggers, and bookstagramers!



I am starting this book blog as a creative outlet for my love of books! I have always been a reader. As a young girl, I would come home from school, grab a book, and go lay in the hammock under the oak trees and read until dinner.

I am a North Carolina native, Registered Nurse, and mother of two boys. I have never blogged before, and honestly have no idea what I am doing. I find myself always wanting to talk about the books I am reading, or have read but my family and friends don’t exactly share my enthusiasm (lol). So I figured what better way to share this information than blogging and meeting people with the same interests. I love finding books that are written by other North Carolinians, or are set in North Carolina. I find it fun to put myself into these stories when I can actually picture the setting because I’ve seen it before! I love the mountains of North Carolina, and would eventually love to make that my home.

Thanks for visiting my site, stay tuned for updates and interesting bookish things!

Happy Reading Y’all! #yallneedbooks

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