The Guest List – Lucy Foley

The Guest List is a who done it murder mystery. It is set on a mysterious island with a sinister back story. The characters are elite and cunning. I felt like I was sipping champagne right along with them through this one (okay…maybe I was-shhhhh).

Jules and Wills high profile wedding is an event to remember. The Guest List is am intriguing mix of new and old friends who gather together for the event. All along the way weird things keep occurring. In the end someone is murdered during the reception-but WHO DID IT???The guest list

Overall I really enjoyed this one. I had favorite characters, ones I hated, ones I wanted to know more about. There was a whole mix in there. I wasn’t able to figure out the mystery until the end (which is a good thing). Things kept changing and I kept thinking I was linking certain things together for it only to fall apart later. I was truly surprised by the turn of events!

If you like easy to read, engross you in the setting, a bit creepy, a bit lavish mysteries…This ones for you!

The Ghosts of Harvard

The Ghosts of Harvard is a compelling novel from Francesca Serritella. With an interesting glimpse into the secretive world of Harvard, Cadence the main character brings to life some of the mysteries of the iconic campus, and sheds light on mental illness. The book follows Cadence as she enters the college in her late brothers shadow. After he battled schizophrenia that led to his suicide, Cadence wants to unravel the last moments of his life.

Serritellas writing will have you walking the ghostly halls of an iconic Ivy league, and wondering if you yourself are hearing the voices of the past.GhostofHarvard-Cover-HC-0120-650w

Wild At Heart


If you loved The Simple Wild (the prequel to this one), you will enjoy this extension of Calla and Jonah’s story. I love the characters and the setting. K. A. Tucker is a master setting weaver. She makes you feel like you are wrapped up in the Alaskan culture and life. The whole time I was reading I wanted to be curled up by a roaring, crackling fire with a cozy blanket and hot chocolate (or coffee if that’s more your thing ;)! This book picks up right where The Simple Wild left off, which I appreciated because I was left wanting more after that one! But-because I read that one a while ago I did have to go back and refresh my memory some on it before continuing on with Wild at Heart.
I love that their are challenges in the main characters love story and its not always perfect. It makes it way more relatable for me which is good for romance genres. Its a lovely book!
Thank you K.A. Tucker, NetGalley, and Social Butterfly PR, LLC for the e-ARC copy!

Mini Review

I have never read any Christina Lauren (did you know that this is actually two different people?!), and I’m truly wondering why the hell not?!

I finished Love and Other Words recently and I absolutely adored it! In the past, I haven’t been much for romance. I often find them (for lack of better word) cheesy. 🙄 I seem to never be able to get through them because I’m always thinking about how in real life-romances like these are so much different, or they are just so unrealistic I can’t stand it. Not this one. It was a believable, relatable, adorable romance that kept me interested to see how it turned out. There’s even a little twist thrown in that I never saw coming!!

This is a perfect summer beach or lake read (it takes place at a lake house)! Add it to your list y’all! ❤️📚

First Frost By: Sarah Addison Allen

This was the first book I have read by Sarah Addison Allen, and as soon as it was over I ran out to buy more of her books! I love finding North Carolina authors, while she does not currently reside in NC, she is from one of my absolute favorite places…Asheville! Her life story is also pretty interesting, if you are into reading more about the authors you read her story is pretty inspirational.

I’ve always been a sucker for the “magical” type stories, this book is the perfect balance of magic and realism. It doesn’t even come close to anything “sci-fi” (which I am really not a fan of), so this was a plus for me as some books that throw in elements of the unnatural, seem too fake for me. Her use of words draws you in from the very beginning, as the reader I could easily put myself in the settings described. At one point, when reading a scene that vividly describes someone in a kitchen cooking up candies and concoctions, I swear I could smell them! People near me also likely heard my stomach growling (lol), she describes some pretty delectable treats! A bonus, she throws in a few recipes at the end of the book that were used in the story! I think this is super cool, and I will be making these.

FYI: this is a total “fall read”,  and I am what one would call a “seasonal” reader…I really like the stories to match the seasons. The fact that this is one fabulous fall read, ( and fall is my absolute FAVORITE) I was sad that I chose the wrong time to read it. Totally my fault. 😦 If you have not read this yet, save it until the fall! Then curl up with your latte and cozy blanket by the fire, you are in for a treat!



Today I started really thinking about my reading habits, and my decision to start sharing more with others; what I’m reading, why I love reading, and using this as a creative outlet. I’ve always felt this pull inside me to “create” things. Whether it be drawing, writing, physically creating crafty type things, photography (albeit I may not actually be good at any of these things), I still feel this need to release my creativity in some form. Recently, this has occurred in sharing photos, reviews, and information about books I read. Usually, when I pick up a new “hobby”, I never really feel all that connected or invested in it. Reading is something I have always loved, an escape and its own creative release just by sitting down and opening a book. After starting my Instagram account (@boymombookchronicles_), I have realized how much I missed reading over the last few years. Life has been busy with marriage, having children, a career, and raising that family. Now that my children are getting more independent, I am able to carve out some time to read, and share my love for reading!

I am excited to read more and share more. And learn more from other fellow readers, bloggers, and bookstagramers!



I am starting this book blog as a creative outlet for my love of books! I have always been a reader. As a young girl, I would come home from school, grab a book, and go lay in the hammock under the oak trees and read until dinner.

I am a North Carolina native, Registered Nurse, and mother of two boys. I have never blogged before, and honestly have no idea what I am doing. I find myself always wanting to talk about the books I am reading, or have read but my family and friends don’t exactly share my enthusiasm (lol). So I figured what better way to share this information than blogging and meeting people with the same interests. I love finding books that are written by other North Carolinians, or are set in North Carolina. I find it fun to put myself into these stories when I can actually picture the setting because I’ve seen it before! I love the mountains of North Carolina, and would eventually love to make that my home.

Thanks for visiting my site, stay tuned for updates and interesting bookish things!

Happy Reading Y’all! #yallneedbooks

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