Review~ Ghosted , Rosie Walsh


This was one of my top to be read books for 2019 and it did not disappoint. I loved the buildup to the intense plot twist. It may have been one of my favorite ever! Steadman does a fabulous and admirable job of creating characters that are likable and relatable. I never once had the feeling of not being able to connect to the characters here. The love story amidst the suspense was something fresh and new that I really enjoyed.

The plot twist. Oh man the twist!! I can’t say much about this without giving it away. Just know that it will truly be a twist and you may even find yourself rereading that part, just to convince yourself of what you have just read. I did! It was certainly worth staying up half the night to get to that point! (or maybe to just go ahead and read the entire book in less that 2 days) ! 😉  Even with two toddlers in tow, I read this one in record time for me.

Had to pull out the highlighter for this one…so many memorable quotes and pieces of writing that pulled at my heart-strings. Well done Walsh, well done.